Price & Charges

Component Price

Component Description Component Price in BDT
Remote control unit (RCU) BDT 200
AKASH Regular STB BDT 2,999
AKASH Basic STB BDT 2,499
RG-6/F connector per pair (Indoor & Outdoor) BDT 50
AV Cable BDT 80
Single Port LNBF BDT 250
Dual Port LNBF BDT 500
Quad Port LNBF BDT 1,000
Dish with assembly BDT 900
RG-6 cable per meter BDT 30

Schedule of Charges for After Sales Service by Installer

SL List of Services Charge in BDT
1 Relocation at different premises BDT 600
2 Relocation at same premise BDT 600
3 CPE decommissioning BDT 400
4 Dish Re-alignment BDT 350
5 Diagnosis Charge at Customer Premises BDT 200
6 Delivery Charge BDT 100
7 Investigation Fee BDT 100
8 Repair/Replacement Fee BDT 400

Reconnection Fee

Description Charge in BDT
AKASH DTH Customers who become inactive due to non-payment of subscription fee and remaining inactive for 60 days will be charged a reconnection fee. BDT 200